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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/2] KVM: X86: Move ignore_msrs handling upper the stack
On Fri, Jul 10, 2020 at 12:11:54AM +0200, Paolo Bonzini wrote:
> On 09/07/20 23:50, Peter Xu wrote:
> >> Sean: Objection your honor.
> >> Paolo: Overruled, you're wrong.
> >> Sean: Phooey.
> >>
> >> My point is that even though I still object to this series, Paolo has final
> >> say.
> >
> > I could be wrong, but I feel like Paolo was really respecting your input, as
> > always.
> I do respect Sean's input

Ya, my comments were in jest. Sorry if I implied I was grumpy about Paolo
taking this patch, because I'm not. Just stubborn :-)

> but I also believe that in this case there's three questions:
> a) should KVM be allowed to use the equivalent of rdmsr*_safe() on guest
> MSRs? I say a mild yes, Sean says a strong no.

It's more that I don't think host_initiated=true is the equivalent of
rdmsr_safe(). It kind of holds true for rdmsr, but that's most definitely
not the case for wrmsr where host_initiated=true completely changes what
is/isn't allow. And if using host_initiated=true for rdmsr is allowed,
then logically using it for wrmsr is also allowed.

> b) is it good to separate the "1" and "-EINVAL" results so that
> ignore_msrs handling can be moved out of the MSR access functions? I
> say yes because KVM should never rely on ignore_msrs; Sean didn't say
> anything (it's not too relevant if you answer no to the first question).
> c) is it possible to reimplement TSX_CTRL_MSR to avoid using the
> equivalent of rdmsr*_safe()? Sean says yes and it's not really possible
> to argue against that, but then it doesn't really matter if you answer
> yes to the first two questions.
> Sean sees your patch mostly as answering "yes" to the question (a), and
> therefore disagrees with it. I see your patch mostly as answering "yes"
> to question (b), and therefore like it. I would also accept a patch
> that reimplements TSX_CTRL_MSR (question c), but I consider your patch
> to be an improvement anyway (question b).
> > It's just as simple as a 2:1 vote, isn't it? (I can still count myself
> > in for the vote, right? :)
> I do have the final say but I try to use that as little as possible (or
> never). And then it happens that ever so rare disagreements cluster in
> the same week!
> The important thing is to analyze the source of the disagreement.
> Usually when that happens, it's because a change has multiple purposes
> and people see it in a different way.
> In this case, I'm happy to accept this patch (and overrule Sean) not
> because he's wrong on question (a), but because in my opinion the actual
> motivation of the patch is question (b).
> To be fair, I would prefer it if ignore_msrs didn't apply to
> host-initiated MSR accesses at all (only guest accesses). That would
> make this series much much simpler. It wouldn't solve the disagremement
> on question (a), but perhaps it would be a patch that Sean would agree on.

I think I could get behind that. It shoudn't interfere with my crusade to
vanquish host_initiated :-)

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