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SubjectRe: [PATCH] lan743x: Added fixed_phy support / Question regarding proper devicetree
Working status: I added fixed_phy support to the Microchip lan743x ethernet driver and for upstream contribution I need to make it runtime configurable via the device tree.


There are, amongst other, the following devices on my target (i.mx6):

Where would I put my additional lan743x ethernet device in the device tree ?

a) /ethernet@0
(Just a new root node.

b) /pci@0/ethernet@0
(I would „invent“ pci@0 to reflect that the lan7431 is sitting on the first pci slot.

c) /soc/pcie@1ffc000/ethernet@0
(That doesn’t feel right to me, it’s not a soc property. Or is it ?


pci0 {
ethernet@0 {
compatible = "rmtl-meu-hl“;
status = "okay“;
phy-connection-type = "rgmii“;

fixed-link {
speed = <100>;


Thanks a lot,

>> […] device tree is the way to go. […]
>> Andrew

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