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SubjectRe: [PATCH v10 43/55] dt-bindings: input: atmel: support to set max bytes transferred
07.04.2020 12:27, Wang, Jiada пишет:
>> Is this a software (firmware) limitation which varies from version to
>> version?
> the timeout issue trying to be addressed in this patch is from software,
> one of our board a Serializer/Deserializer bridge exists between the SoC
> (imx6) and the Atmel touch controller.
> imx6 i2c controller driver has a timeout value(100ms) for each i2c
> transaction,
> Large i2c read transaction failed to complete within this timeout value
> and therefore imx6 i2c controller driver aborts the transaction
> and returns failure.
> Therefore this patch was created to split the large i2c transaction into
> smaller chunks which can complete
> within the timeout defined by i2c controller driver.

Isn't it possible to use the max_read/write_len of the generic struct
i2c_adapter_quirks for limiting the transfer size?

BTW, it looks like the i.MX I2C driver doesn't specify the
i2c_adapter_quirks, which probably needs to be fixed.

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