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SubjectRe: [RFC PATCH v2 12/13] powerpc/kernel: Do not inconditionally save non volatile registers on system call

Le 06/04/2020 à 03:25, Nicholas Piggin a écrit :
> Christophe Leroy's on April 6, 2020 3:44 am:
>> Before : 347 cycles on null_syscall
>> After : 327 cycles on null_syscall
> The problem I had doing this is that signal delivery wnats full regs,
> and you don't know if you have a signal pending ahead of time if you
> have interrupts enabled.
> I began to try bailing out back to asm to save nvgprs and call again.
> I think that can be made to work, but it is more complication in asm,
> and I soon found that 64s CPUs don't care about NVGPRs too much so it's
> nice to get rid of the !fullregs state.

I tried a new way in v3, please have a look. I split
syscall_exit_prepare() in 3 parts and the result is unexpected: it is
better than before the series (307 cycles now versus 311 cycles with
full ASM syscall entry/exit).

> Possibly another approach would be to leave interrupts disabled for the
> case where you have no work to do. You could create a small
> syscall_exit_prepare_nowork fastpath for that case for 32-bit, perhaps?
> Thanks,
> Nick


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