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SubjectRe: Clarification for software development opportunities
> I don't know what is Coccinelle software, I will check it out.

I am curious under which circumstances the development tool box will be adjusted.

> When I receive critical emails from others, I am happy that this is my study plan.

This view sounds positive.

> Previously, I was happy and looking forward to providing patches to the community.

Such feedback is nice.

> But when I noticed that you were sending similar patches over and over again,

This can be an usual effect from the application of known source code
analysis approaches.

> I realized that if I want to increase my patch count,

I suggest to reconsider corresponding development goals.

> I would not be able to reuse some files I had already found,

This can occasionally happen when some contributors try to achieve something
in similar areas.

* Would you like to clarify opportunities for further contributions?

* Do you find globally distributed collaboration interesting?

> which made me sad.

* I find your feeling unfortunate.

* I hope that your view can become more positive again.

> So,thank you for giving me a lesson.

This was eventually my intention partly.

I imagine that possibilities can be improved also for teaching and education.


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