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SubjectRe: [TEGRA194_CPUFREQ Patch v2 0/3] Add cpufreq driver for Tegra194
On 05-04-20, 00:59, Sumit Gupta wrote:
> The patch series adds cpufreq driver for Tegra194 SOC.
> v1[1] -> v2:
> - Remove cpufreq_lock mutex from tegra194_cpufreq_set_target [Viresh].
> - Remove CPUFREQ_ASYNC_NOTIFICATION flag [Viresh].
> - Remove redundant _begin|end() call from tegra194_cpufreq_set_target.
> - Rename opp_table to freq_table [Viresh].

Have we concluded the earlier discussion already ? I posted some
questions where I had doubts and you just answered them and posted a
new version. Please wait for the reviewers to have a chance to reply
to them. Your new version may be okay, but still we can avoid another
set of patches which may be wrong.


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