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SubjectRe: [PATCH v5 05/10] mm/swap: charge the page when adding to the swap cache
2020년 4월 4일 (토) 오전 3:29, Yang Shi <>님이 작성:
> On Thu, Apr 2, 2020 at 10:41 PM <> wrote:
> >
> > From: Joonsoo Kim <>
> >
> > Currently, some swapped-in pages are not charged to the memcg until
> > actual access to the page happens. I checked the code and found that
> > it could cause a problem. In this implementation, even if the memcg
> > is enabled, one can consume a lot of memory in the system by exploiting
> > this hole. For example, one can make all the pages swapped out and
> > then call madvise_willneed() to load the all swapped-out pages without
> > pressing the memcg. Although actual access requires charging, it's really
> > big benefit to load the swapped-out pages to the memory without pressing
> > the memcg.
> >
> > And, for workingset detection which is implemented on the following patch,
> > a memcg should be committed before the workingset detection is executed.
> > For this purpose, the best solution, I think, is charging the page when
> > adding to the swap cache. Charging there is not that hard. Caller of
> > adding the page to the swap cache has enough information about the charged
> > memcg. So, what we need to do is just passing this information to
> > the right place.
> >
> > With this patch, specific memcg could be pressured more since readahead
> > pages are also charged to it now. This would result in performance
> > degradation to that user but it would be fair since that readahead is for
> > that user.
> If I read the code correctly, the readahead pages may be *not* charged
> to it at all but other memcgs since mem_cgroup_try_charge() would
> retrieve the target memcg id from the swap entry then charge to it
> (generally it is the memcg from who the page is swapped out). So, it
> may open a backdoor to let one memcg stress other memcgs?

It looks like you talk about the call path on CONFIG_MEMCG_SWAP.

The owner (task) for a anonymous page cannot be changed. It means that
the previous owner written on the swap entry will be the next user. So,
I think that using the target memcg id from the swap entry for readahead pages
is valid way.

As you concerned, if someone can control swap-readahead to readahead
other's swap entry, one memcg could stress other memcg by using the fact above.
However, as far as I know, there is no explicit way to readahead other's swap
entry so no problem.


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