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SubjectRe: [ PATCH stable v4.19] EDAC: Drop per-memory controller buses
On Sun, Apr 05, 2020 at 06:01:21PM +0000, Manali Shukla (manashuk) wrote:
> With this patch , we are removing per-MC bus, this removes dependency on value of max number of controllers (EDAC_MAX_MCS) which is hardcoded to 2 * MAX_NUMNODES in all stable versions of kernel.
> On two nodes system MAX_NUMNODES value is ‘1’ , so value of max number of memory controller becomes ‘2’, this patch fixes this issue when there are only 2 nodes on the system and number of memory controllers are more than ‘2'

You basically repeated what you had written already.

But what is this fixing? Some platform of yours or what? Why does it
need to go to stable?

Btw, please do not top-post and reply under the quoted text like all of
us do.



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