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SubjectRe: acr: failed to load firmware with Kernel 5.6. Kernel 5.5 works just fine.
On Fri, Apr 3, 2020 at 8:31 PM Ilia Mirkin <> wrote:

> Depends on distro specifics. Also the firmware has to be available at
> the time that nouveau loads. The corollary to this is:
> If it's built into the kernel, then the firmware must also be included
> in the kernel (since this happens before any FS stuff)
> If it's loaded as a module from initrd, then initrd must contain the firmware
> If you need help including firmware in the right place, a distro
> support channel is probably your best shot.

Ok, thank you. So far no luck on the end.

Please let me know if the fallback version comes back to life.


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