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Subject[GIT PULL] PCI changes for v5.7
The following changes since commit bb6d3fb354c5ee8d6bde2d576eb7220ea09862b9:

Linux 5.6-rc1 (2020-02-09 16:08:48 -0800)

are available in the Git repository at:

git:// tags/pci-v5.7-changes

for you to fetch changes up to 86ce3c90c910110540ac25cae5d9b90b268542bd:

Merge branch 'remotes/lorenzo/pci/vmd' (2020-04-02 14:27:09 -0500)



- Revert sysfs "rescan" renames that broke apps (Kelsey Skunberg)

- Add more 32 GT/s link speed decoding and improve the implementation
(Yicong Yang)

Resource management:

- Add support for sizing programmable host bridge apertures and fix a
related alpha Nautilus regression (Ivan Kokshaysky)


- Add boot interrupt quirk mechanism for Xeon chipsets and document boot
interrupts (Sean V Kelley)

PCIe native device hotplug:

- When possible, disable in-band presence detect and use PDS (Alexandru

- Add DMI table for devices that don't use in-band presence detection but
don't advertise that correctly (Stuart Hayes)

- Fix hang when powering slots up/down via sysfs (Lukas Wunner)

- Fix an MSI interrupt race (Stuart Hayes)


- Add ACS quirks for Zhaoxin devices (Raymond Pang)

Error handling:

- Add Error Disconnect Recover (EDR) support so firmware can report
devices disconnected via DPC and we can try to recover (Kuppuswamy

Peer-to-peer DMA:

- Add Intel Sky Lake-E Root Ports B, C, D to the whitelist (Andrew Maier)


- Reduce severity of common clock config message (Chris Packham)

- Clear the correct bits when enabling L1 substates, so we don't go to
the wrong state (Yicong Yang)

Endpoint framework:

- Replace EPF linkup ops with notifier call chain and improve locking
(Kishon Vijay Abraham I)

- Fix concurrent memory allocation in OB address region (Kishon Vijay
Abraham I)

- Move PF function number assignment to EPC core to support multiple
function creation methods (Kishon Vijay Abraham I)

- Fix issue with clearing configfs "start" entry (Kunihiko Hayashi)

- Fix issue with endpoint MSI-X ignoring BAR Indicator and Table Offset
(Kishon Vijay Abraham I)

- Add support for testing DMA transfers (Kishon Vijay Abraham I)

- Add support for testing > 10 endpoint devices (Kishon Vijay Abraham I)

- Add support for tests to clear IRQ (Kishon Vijay Abraham I)

- Add common DT schema for endpoint controllers (Kishon Vijay Abraham I)

Amlogic Meson PCIe controller driver:

- Add DT bindings for AXG PCIe PHY, shared MIPI/PCIe analog PHY (Remi

- Add Amlogic AXG PCIe PHY, AXG MIPI/PCIe analog PHY drivers (Remi

Cadence PCIe controller driver:

- Add Root Complex/Endpoint DT schema for Cadence PCIe (Kishon Vijay
Abraham I)

Intel VMD host bridge driver:

- Add two VMD Device IDs that require bus restriction mode (Sushma

Mobiveil PCIe controller driver:

- Refactor and modularize mobiveil driver (Hou Zhiqiang)

- Add support for Mobiveil GPEX Gen4 host (Hou Zhiqiang)

Microsoft Hyper-V host bridge driver:

- Add support for Hyper-V PCI protocol version 1.3 and PCI_BUS_RELATIONS2
(Long Li)

- Refactor to prepare for virtual PCI on non-x86 architectures (Boqun

- Fix memory leak in hv_pci_probe()'s error path (Dexuan Cui)

NVIDIA Tegra PCIe controller driver:

- Use pci_parse_request_of_pci_ranges() (Rob Herring)

- Add support for endpoint mode and related DT updates (Vidya Sagar)

- Reduce -EPROBE_DEFER error message log level (Thierry Reding)

Qualcomm PCIe controller driver:

- Restrict class fixup to specific Qualcomm devices (Bjorn Andersson)

Synopsys DesignWare PCIe controller driver:

- Refactor core initialization code for endpoint mode (Vidya Sagar)

- Fix endpoint MSI-X to use correct table address (Kishon Vijay Abraham

TI DRA7xx PCIe controller driver:

- Fix MSI IRQ handling (Vignesh Raghavendra)

TI Keystone PCIe controller driver:

- Allow AM654 endpoint to raise MSI-X interrupt (Kishon Vijay Abraham I)


- Quirk ASMedia XHCI USB to avoid "PME# from D0" defect (Kai-Heng Feng)

- Use ioremap(), not phys_to_virt(), for platform ROM to fix video ROM
mapping with CONFIG_HIGHMEM (Mikel Rychliski)

Alexandru Gagniuc (2):
PCI: pciehp: Disable in-band presence detect when possible
PCI: pciehp: Wait for PDS if in-band presence is disabled

Andrew Maier (1):
PCI/P2PDMA: Add Intel Sky Lake-E Root Ports B, C, D to the whitelist

Bjorn Andersson (1):
PCI: qcom: Fix the fixup of PCI_VENDOR_ID_QCOM

Bjorn Helgaas (21):
PCI: Add pci_speed_string()
PCI: Use pci_speed_string() for all PCI/PCI-X/PCIe strings
PCI/DPC: Move DPC data into struct pci_dev
Merge branch 'pci/aspm'
Merge branch 'pci/edr'
Merge branch 'pci/enumeration'
Merge branch 'pci/hotplug'
Merge branch 'pci/interrupts'
Merge branch 'pci/misc'
Merge branch 'pci/p2pdma'
Merge branch 'pci/resource'
Merge branch 'pci/virtualization'
Merge branch 'remotes/lorenzo/pci/amlogic'
Merge branch 'remotes/lorenzo/pci/dt'
Merge branch 'remotes/lorenzo/pci/dwc'
Merge branch 'remotes/lorenzo/pci/endpoint'
Merge branch 'remotes/lorenzo/pci/hv'
Merge branch 'remotes/lorenzo/pci/mobiveil'
Merge branch 'remotes/lorenzo/pci/qcom'
Merge branch 'remotes/lorenzo/pci/tegra'
Merge branch 'remotes/lorenzo/pci/vmd'

Boqun Feng (3):
PCI: hv: Move hypercall related definitions into tlfs header
PCI: hv: Move retarget related structures into tlfs header
PCI: hv: Introduce hv_msi_entry

Chris Packham (1):
PCI/ASPM: Reduce severity of common clock config message

Colin Ian King (1):
PCI/ACPI: Move pcie_to_hpx3_type[] from stack to static data

Dexuan Cui (2):
PCI: hv: Remove unnecessary type casting from kzalloc
PCI: hv: Add missing kfree(hbus) in hv_pci_probe()'s error handling path

Gustavo A. R. Silva (1):
PCI: hv: Replace zero-length array with flexible-array member

Hou Zhiqiang (13):
PCI: mobiveil: Introduce a new structure mobiveil_root_port
PCI: mobiveil: Move the host initialization into a function
PCI: mobiveil: Collect the interrupt related operations into a function
PCI: mobiveil: Modularize the Mobiveil PCIe Host Bridge IP driver
PCI: mobiveil: Add callback function for interrupt initialization
PCI: mobiveil: Add callback function for link up check
PCI: mobiveil: Allow mobiveil_host_init() to be used to re-init host
PCI: mobiveil: Add 8-bit and 16-bit CSR register accessors
PCI: mobiveil: Add Header Type field check
dt-bindings: PCI: Add NXP Layerscape SoCs PCIe Gen4 controller
PCI: mobiveil: Add PCIe Gen4 RC driver for Layerscape SoCs
PCI: mobiveil: Fix sparse different address space warnings
PCI: mobiveil: Fix unmet dependency warning for PCIE_MOBIVEIL_PLAT

Ivan Kokshaysky (2):
PCI: Add support for root bus sizing
alpha: Fix nautilus PCI setup

Kai-Heng Feng (1):
PCI: Avoid ASMedia XHCI USB PME# from D0 defect

Kelsey Skunberg (1):
PCI: sysfs: Revert "rescan" file renames

Kishon Vijay Abraham I (21):
PCI: endpoint: Use notification chain mechanism to notify EPC events to EPF
PCI: endpoint: Replace spinlock with mutex
PCI: endpoint: Fix for concurrent memory allocation in OB address region
PCI: endpoint: Protect concurrent access to pci_epf_ops with mutex
PCI: endpoint: Assign function number for each PF in EPC core
dt-bindings: PCI: Add PCI Endpoint Controller Schema
dt-bindings: PCI: cadence: Add PCIe RC/EP DT schema for Cadence PCIe
dt-bindings: PCI: Convert PCIe Host/Endpoint in Cadence platform to DT schema
PCI: endpoint: functions/pci-epf-test: Add DMA support to transfer data
PCI: endpoint: functions/pci-epf-test: Print throughput information
misc: pci_endpoint_test: Use streaming DMA APIs for buffer allocation
tools: PCI: Add 'd' command line option to support DMA
misc: pci_endpoint_test: Add support to get DMA option from userspace
PCI: endpoint: Fix ->set_msix() to take BIR and offset as arguments
PCI: dwc: Fix dw_pcie_ep_raise_msix_irq() to get correct MSI-X table address
PCI: keystone: Allow AM654 PCIe Endpoint to raise MSI-X interrupt
misc: pci_endpoint_test: Avoid using module parameter to determine irqtype
misc: pci_endpoint_test: Add ioctl to clear IRQ
tools: PCI: Add 'e' to clear IRQ
misc: pci_endpoint_test: Fix to support > 10 pci-endpoint-test devices
misc: pci_endpoint_test: Use full pci-endpoint-test name in request_irq()

Kunihiko Hayashi (1):
PCI: endpoint: Fix clearing start entry in configfs

Kuppuswamy Sathyanarayanan (9):
PCI/ERR: Combine pci_channel_io_frozen cases
PCI/ERR: Update error status after reset_link()
PCI/ERR: Remove service dependency in pcie_do_recovery()
PCI/ERR: Return status of pcie_do_recovery()
PCI/DPC: Cache DPC capabilities in pci_init_capabilities()
PCI/AER: Add pci_aer_raw_clear_status() to unconditionally clear Error Status
PCI/DPC: Expose dpc_process_error(), dpc_reset_link() for use by EDR
PCI/DPC: Add Error Disconnect Recover (EDR) support
PCI/AER: Rationalize error status register clearing

Lad Prabhakar (1):
misc: pci_endpoint_test: remove duplicate macro PCI_ENDPOINT_TEST_STATUS

Long Li (2):
PCI: hv: Decouple the func definition in hv_dr_state from VSP message
PCI: hv: Add support for protocol 1.3 and support PCI_BUS_RELATIONS2

Lukas Wunner (1):
PCI: pciehp: Fix indefinite wait on sysfs requests

Mikel Rychliski (1):
PCI: Use ioremap(), not phys_to_virt() for platform ROM

Raymond Pang (3):
PCI: Add Zhaoxin Vendor ID
PCI: Add ACS quirk for Zhaoxin multi-function devices
PCI: Add ACS quirk for Zhaoxin Root/Downstream Ports

Remi Pommarel (6):
dt-bindings: Add AXG PCIE PHY bindings
dt-bindings: Add AXG shared MIPI/PCIE analog PHY bindings
dt-bindings: PCI: meson: Update PCIE bindings documentation
phy: amlogic: Add Amlogic AXG MIPI/PCIE analog PHY Driver
phy: amlogic: Add Amlogic AXG PCIE PHY Driver
PCI: amlogic: Use AXG PCIE

Rob Herring (1):
PCI: tegra: Use pci_parse_request_of_pci_ranges()

Sean V Kelley (2):
PCI: Add boot interrupt quirk mechanism for Xeon chipsets
Documentation: PCI: Add background on Boot Interrupts

Stuart Hayes (2):
PCI: pciehp: Add DMI table for in-band presence detection disabled
PCI: pciehp: Fix MSI interrupt race

Sushma Kalakota (1):
PCI: vmd: Add two VMD Device IDs

Thierry Reding (1):
PCI: tegra: Print -EPROBE_DEFER error message at debug level

Vidya Sagar (8):
PCI: endpoint: Add core init notifying feature
PCI: dwc: Refactor core initialization code for EP mode
PCI: endpoint: Add notification for core init completion
PCI: dwc: Add API to notify core initialization completion
PCI: pci-epf-test: Add support to defer core initialization
soc/tegra: bpmp: Update ABI header
dt-bindings: PCI: tegra: Add DT support for PCIe EP nodes in Tegra194
PCI: tegra: Add support for PCIe endpoint mode in Tegra194

Vignesh Raghavendra (1):
PCI: dwc: pci-dra7xx: Fix MSI IRQ handling

Yicong Yang (3):
PCI: Add 32 GT/s decoding in some macros
PCI/ASPM: Clear the correct bits when enabling L1 substates

Documentation/PCI/boot-interrupts.rst | 155 +++++
Documentation/PCI/index.rst | 1 +
Documentation/PCI/pcieaer-howto.rst | 23 +-
.../devicetree/bindings/pci/amlogic,meson-pcie.txt | 22 +-
.../devicetree/bindings/pci/cdns,cdns-pcie-ep.txt | 27 -
.../devicetree/bindings/pci/cdns,cdns-pcie-ep.yaml | 49 ++
.../bindings/pci/cdns,cdns-pcie-host.txt | 66 --
.../bindings/pci/cdns,cdns-pcie-host.yaml | 76 +++
.../devicetree/bindings/pci/cdns-pcie-host.yaml | 27 +
.../devicetree/bindings/pci/cdns-pcie.yaml | 31 +
.../bindings/pci/layerscape-pcie-gen4.txt | 52 ++
.../bindings/pci/nvidia,tegra194-pcie.txt | 125 +++-
Documentation/devicetree/bindings/pci/pci-ep.yaml | 41 ++
.../phy/amlogic,meson-axg-mipi-pcie-analog.yaml | 35 +
.../bindings/phy/amlogic,meson-axg-pcie.yaml | 52 ++
arch/alpha/kernel/sys_nautilus.c | 52 +-
arch/x86/include/asm/hyperv-tlfs.h | 41 ++
arch/x86/include/asm/mshyperv.h | 8 +
drivers/acpi/pci_root.c | 15 +
drivers/gpu/drm/amd/amdgpu/amdgpu_bios.c | 31 +-
.../gpu/drm/nouveau/nvkm/subdev/bios/shadowpci.c | 17 +-
drivers/gpu/drm/radeon/radeon_bios.c | 30 +-
drivers/misc/pci_endpoint_test.c | 213 +++++-
drivers/net/ethernet/intel/ice/ice_main.c | 4 +-
drivers/ntb/hw/idt/ntb_hw_idt.c | 4 +-
drivers/pci/controller/Kconfig | 11 +-
drivers/pci/controller/Makefile | 2 +-
drivers/pci/controller/dwc/Kconfig | 29 +-
drivers/pci/controller/dwc/pci-dra7xx.c | 231 +++++--
drivers/pci/controller/dwc/pci-keystone.c | 5 +-
drivers/pci/controller/dwc/pci-meson.c | 116 +---
drivers/pci/controller/dwc/pcie-designware-ep.c | 144 +++--
drivers/pci/controller/dwc/pcie-designware.h | 12 +
drivers/pci/controller/dwc/pcie-qcom.c | 8 +-
drivers/pci/controller/dwc/pcie-tegra194.c | 712 ++++++++++++++++++++-
drivers/pci/controller/mobiveil/Kconfig | 34 +
drivers/pci/controller/mobiveil/Makefile | 5 +
.../pci/controller/mobiveil/pcie-layerscape-gen4.c | 267 ++++++++
.../pcie-mobiveil-host.c} | 564 ++++------------
.../pci/controller/mobiveil/pcie-mobiveil-plat.c | 61 ++
drivers/pci/controller/mobiveil/pcie-mobiveil.c | 231 +++++++
drivers/pci/controller/mobiveil/pcie-mobiveil.h | 226 +++++++
drivers/pci/controller/pci-hyperv.c | 260 +++++---
drivers/pci/controller/pci-tegra.c | 187 ++----
drivers/pci/controller/pcie-brcmstb.c | 4 +-
drivers/pci/endpoint/functions/pci-epf-test.c | 402 ++++++++++--
drivers/pci/endpoint/pci-ep-cfs.c | 28 +-
drivers/pci/endpoint/pci-epc-core.c | 137 ++--
drivers/pci/endpoint/pci-epc-mem.c | 10 +-
drivers/pci/endpoint/pci-epf-core.c | 35 +-
drivers/pci/hotplug/pciehp.h | 1 +
drivers/pci/hotplug/pciehp_hpc.c | 93 ++-
drivers/pci/p2pdma.c | 3 +
drivers/pci/pci-acpi.c | 4 +-
drivers/pci/pci-sysfs.c | 33 +-
drivers/pci/pci.c | 25 +-
drivers/pci/pci.h | 32 +-
drivers/pci/pcie/Kconfig | 10 +
drivers/pci/pcie/Makefile | 1 +
drivers/pci/pcie/aer.c | 40 +-
drivers/pci/pcie/aspm.c | 6 +-
drivers/pci/pcie/dpc.c | 137 ++--
drivers/pci/pcie/edr.c | 239 +++++++
drivers/pci/pcie/err.c | 66 +-
drivers/pci/pcie/portdrv.h | 5 -
drivers/pci/pcie/portdrv_core.c | 21 -
drivers/pci/probe.c | 42 ++
drivers/pci/quirks.c | 120 +++-
drivers/pci/rom.c | 17 -
drivers/pci/setup-bus.c | 34 +-
drivers/pci/slot.c | 38 +-
drivers/phy/amlogic/Kconfig | 22 +
drivers/phy/amlogic/Makefile | 12 +-
.../phy/amlogic/phy-meson-axg-mipi-pcie-analog.c | 188 ++++++
drivers/phy/amlogic/phy-meson-axg-pcie.c | 192 ++++++
drivers/scsi/lpfc/lpfc_attr.c | 4 +-
include/linux/acpi.h | 6 +-
include/linux/aer.h | 9 +-
include/linux/pci-acpi.h | 8 +
include/linux/pci-epc.h | 27 +-
include/linux/pci-epf.h | 29 +-
include/linux/pci.h | 10 +-
include/linux/pci_ids.h | 2 +
include/soc/tegra/bpmp-abi.h | 10 +-
include/uapi/linux/pci_regs.h | 2 +
include/uapi/linux/pcitest.h | 8 +
tools/pci/pcitest.c | 37 +-
88 files changed, 4832 insertions(+), 1631 deletions(-)
create mode 100644 Documentation/PCI/boot-interrupts.rst
delete mode 100644 Documentation/devicetree/bindings/pci/cdns,cdns-pcie-ep.txt
create mode 100644 Documentation/devicetree/bindings/pci/cdns,cdns-pcie-ep.yaml
delete mode 100644 Documentation/devicetree/bindings/pci/cdns,cdns-pcie-host.txt
create mode 100644 Documentation/devicetree/bindings/pci/cdns,cdns-pcie-host.yaml
create mode 100644 Documentation/devicetree/bindings/pci/cdns-pcie-host.yaml
create mode 100644 Documentation/devicetree/bindings/pci/cdns-pcie.yaml
create mode 100644 Documentation/devicetree/bindings/pci/layerscape-pcie-gen4.txt
create mode 100644 Documentation/devicetree/bindings/pci/pci-ep.yaml
create mode 100644 Documentation/devicetree/bindings/phy/amlogic,meson-axg-mipi-pcie-analog.yaml
create mode 100644 Documentation/devicetree/bindings/phy/amlogic,meson-axg-pcie.yaml
create mode 100644 drivers/pci/controller/mobiveil/Kconfig
create mode 100644 drivers/pci/controller/mobiveil/Makefile
create mode 100644 drivers/pci/controller/mobiveil/pcie-layerscape-gen4.c
rename drivers/pci/controller/{pcie-mobiveil.c => mobiveil/pcie-mobiveil-host.c} (54%)
create mode 100644 drivers/pci/controller/mobiveil/pcie-mobiveil-plat.c
create mode 100644 drivers/pci/controller/mobiveil/pcie-mobiveil.c
create mode 100644 drivers/pci/controller/mobiveil/pcie-mobiveil.h
create mode 100644 drivers/pci/pcie/edr.c
create mode 100644 drivers/phy/amlogic/phy-meson-axg-mipi-pcie-analog.c
create mode 100644 drivers/phy/amlogic/phy-meson-axg-pcie.c

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