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SubjectRe: Question on "uaccess: Add strict non-pagefault kernel-space read function"
Hi Christoph,

On 4/3/20 3:35 PM, Christoph Hellwig wrote:
> I just stumbled over your above commit, and it really confuses me.
> Not the newly added functions, which seems perfectly sane, but why you
> left the crazy old functions in place instead of investing a little
> bit of extra effort to clean the existing mess up and switch everyone
> to the sane new variants?

With crazy old functions I presume you mean the old bpf_probe_read()
which is mapped to BPF_FUNC_probe_read helper or something else entirely?

For the former, basically my main concern was that these would otherwise
break existing tools like bcc/bpftrace/.. unfortunately until they are not
converted over yet to _strict variants.

At least on x86, they would still rely on the broken semantic to probe
kernel and user memory with probe_read where it 'happens to work', but not
on other archs where the address space is not shared.

But once these are fixed, I would love to deprecate these in one way or
another. The warning in 00c42373d397 ("x86-64: add warning for non-canonical
user access address dereferences") should be a good incentive to switch
since people have been hitting it in production as the non-canonical space
is sometimes used in user space to tag pointers, for example.


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