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SubjectRe: [PATCH] scripts:
On Tue, Apr 28, 2020 at 01:35:08PM +0800, xujialu wrote:
> > Yes, please, just do proper email responses, like all the other
> > conversations on the mailing lists :)
> Nice of you :)
> > Perhaps you should read the email client documentation in the kernel
> > tree?
> Also watched your interesting video:
> <HOWTO - apply a Linux kernel patch to the stable tree>
> > I still don't know what is wrong with 'make gtags'. If it does not work
> > properly for you, why not fix that up instead of creating something
> > totally new that is not even hooked up to the kernel build system?
> As you suggested, i walk through scripts/, and suddenly found
> flag COMPILED_SOURCE, so i throw away my lasted stupid script, and tried
> to improve this 'compiled only' feature, seems much better now.
> And about 'make gtags':
> 1. It picks up so many files, do you think 'all sources' is good for us?

When you modify kernel code, yes, you have to fix it up everywhere, you
can not ignore other architectures or drivers that your machine happens
to not use.

An "average" laptop only runs about 2-3 million lines of code or so, a
small percentage of the 25+ million lines that are in the kernel source

> 2. Seems gtags does not support source files from parrent directories,
> it gives warnning out of tree (global-6.6.3) or just segmentation fault
> (global-5.7.3) when we 'make gtags O=blabla', cause gtags.files is
> generated in dir 'blabla' but source files are out of dir 'blabla'.

Then fix that as a stand-alone patch please, do not mix it in with other


greg k-h

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