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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/1] drm/qxl: add mutex_lock/mutex_unlock to ensure the order in which resources are released
On 4/18/20 9:39 AM, Caicai wrote:
> When a qxl resource is released, the list that needs to be released is
> fetched from the linked list ring and cleared. When you empty the list,
> instead of trying to determine whether the ttm buffer object for each
> qxl in the list is locked, you release the qxl object and remove the
> element from the list until the list is empty. It was found that the
> linked list was cleared first, and that the lock on the corresponding
> ttm Bo for the QXL had not been released, so that the new qxl could not
> be locked when it used the TTM. By adding an additional mutex to ensure
> timing, qxl elements are not allowed to be removed from the list until
> ttm Bo's lock is released

> @@ -241,7 +243,11 @@ int qxl_garbage_collect(struct qxl_device *qdev)
> }
> id = next_id;
> + mutex_lock(&release->async_release_mutex);
> +
> qxl_release_free(qdev, release);
> +
> + mutex_unlock(&release->async_release_mutex);
It does not work,
release was freed inside qxl_release_free() so you cannot access here any its fields

> ++i;
> }
> }

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