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Subjectxfs superblock corrupt,how to find next one!
  Hey Dave/Darrick,

I was stumbled over this last week and ended up recreating(huh!) the
fs from the scratch . Internet was littered with the information which
I hardly could use. Oh, btw, I did stumble also in old google group
where you suggested few stuff to do .

But alas, none come to handy. I have tried xfs_db and it spit out lots
of info including AGS ,but..I had a simple requirement , just to
replace the corrupted super block with another good one. Which,
everyone including you know it very well that can done in ext in a blink of an
eye(my lack of understanding and exposure are pardonable I believe).

But I couldn't find an easy way to recover the fs.I followed the
repair ..get into db as I said ...

Is it lurking somewhere which I failed to discover or it has been
implemented in different way , which is not easily decipherable by
ordinary users...not sure though.

Kindly ,point out ,which route should one take , when they encounter
that kind of a situation. Recreating the fs is not an or probably the
least option to opt for.

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