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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/2] Historical Service Time Path Selector
Mike Snitzer <> writes:

> Looks like you've put a lot of time to this and I'd be happy to help
> you get this to land upstream.
> But... (you knew there'd be at least one "but" right? ;) I'm not
> liking making this path selector request-based specific. All other
> selectors up to this point are request-based vs bio-based agnostic.
> Would you be open to dropping patch 1/2 and replacing it with
> something like the following patch?
> Then you'd pass 'u64 start_time_ns' into the path_selector_type's
> .end_io (and possibly .start_io).

I think it is fine.

Kind of a MD newbie question, but if I understand correctly,
dm_start_time_ns_from_clone is only for bio based multipath, and we just
pass req->io_start_time directly on request based multipath, right? If
I understand the code correctly, start_io_acct is only called for the
bio level DM.

I will update the patches, do a quick round of tests with BIO based and
send a v2.

Thanks a lot,

Gabriel Krisman Bertazi

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