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SubjectRe: [PATCH v3 07/14] powerpc/32: drop get_pteptr()
On Thu, 27 Feb 2020 10:46:01 +0200 Mike Rapoport <> wrote:

> Commit 8d30c14cab30 ("powerpc/mm: Rework I$/D$ coherency (v3)") and
> commit 90ac19a8b21b ("[POWERPC] Abolish iopa(), mm_ptov(),
> io_block_mapping() from arch/powerpc") removed the use of get_pteptr()
> outside of mm/pgtable_32.c
> In mm/pgtable_32.c, the only user of get_pteptr() is __change_page_attr()
> which operates on kernel context and on lowmem pages only.
> Move page table traversal to __change_page_attr() and drop get_pteptr().

People have been changing things in linux-next and the powerpc patches
are hurting.

I'll disable this patch series for now. Can you please redo
powerpc-32-drop-get_pteptr.patch and
powerpc-add-support-for-folded-p4d-page-tables.patch (and


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