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Subject[PATCH V1 00/13] Miscellaneous fixes for resctrl selftests
This patch set has several miscellaneous fixes to resctrl selftest tool. Some
fixes are minor in nature while other are major fixes.

The minor fixes are
1. Typos, comment format
2. Fix MBA feature detection
3. Fix a bug while selecting sibling cpu
4. Remove unnecessary use of variable arguments
5. Change MBM/MBA results reporting format from absolute values to percentage

The major fixes are changing CAT and CQM test cases. CAT test wasn't testing
CAT as it isn't using the cache it's allocated, hence, change the test case to
test noisy neighbor use case. CAT guarantees a user specified amount of cache
for a process or a group of processes, hence test this use case. The updated
test case checks if critical process is impacted by noisy neighbor or not. If
it's impacted the test fails.

The present CQM test assumes that all the allocated memory (size less than LLC
size) for a process will fit into cache and there won't be any overlappings.
While this is mostly true, it cannot be *always* true by the nature of how cache
works i.e. two addresses could index into same cache line. Hence, change CQM
test such that it now uses CAT. Allocate a specific amount of cache using CAT
and check if CQM reports more than what CAT has allocated.

Fenghua Yu (1):
selftests/resctrl: Fix missing options "-n" and "-p"

Reinette Chatre (4):
selftests/resctrl: Fix feature detection
selftests/resctrl: Fix typo
selftests/resctrl: Fix typo in help text
selftests/resctrl: Ensure sibling CPU is not same as original CPU

Sai Praneeth Prakhya (8):
selftests/resctrl: Fix MBA/MBM results reporting format
selftests/resctrl: Don't use variable argument list for setup function
selftests/resctrl: Fix typos
selftests/resctrl: Modularize fill_buf for new CAT test case
selftests/resctrl: Change Cache Allocation Technology (CAT) test
selftests/resctrl: Change Cache Quality Monitoring (CQM) test
selftests/resctrl: Dynamically select buffer size for CAT test
selftests/resctrl: Cleanup fill_buff after changing CAT test

tools/testing/selftests/resctrl/cache.c | 179 ++++++++-----
tools/testing/selftests/resctrl/cat_test.c | 322 +++++++++++++-----------
tools/testing/selftests/resctrl/cqm_test.c | 210 +++++++++-------
tools/testing/selftests/resctrl/fill_buf.c | 113 ++++++---
tools/testing/selftests/resctrl/mba_test.c | 32 ++-
tools/testing/selftests/resctrl/mbm_test.c | 33 ++-
tools/testing/selftests/resctrl/resctrl.h | 19 +-
tools/testing/selftests/resctrl/resctrl_tests.c | 26 +-
tools/testing/selftests/resctrl/resctrl_val.c | 22 +-
tools/testing/selftests/resctrl/resctrlfs.c | 52 +++-
10 files changed, 592 insertions(+), 416 deletions(-)


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