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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 0/5] ti-sysc support for PRUSS
* Suman Anna <> [200227 14:29]:
> Hi Tony,
> The following is a revised series of the ti-sysc support for PRUSS.
> Please refer to the original series cover-letter [1] for details.
> Following are the main changes in v2:
> - Drop the enabling of the interconnect nodes from various AM335x and
> AM437x board dts files (last 7 patches from original series)
> - Enable the target-module node for AM437x by default. None of the
> current AM437x board dts files use AM4372, so there should not be
> any regressions.
> We can drop the status=disabled in the am33xx.dtsi file once we add the
> SoC revision support for AM335x SoCs. This is already disabled before the
> series as well. I have identified a few boards which use the older SoCs
> that can disable the node in dts, but there were few others which can
> use any of the SoCs, so those will definitely require the SoC device
> match logic and an additional PRUSS disable quirk in the ti-sysc bus
> driver.

OK thanks, applied and pushed out into omap-for-v5.7/ti-sysc-drop-pdata.



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