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SubjectRe: [PATCH v4] mm/hugetlb: fix a addressing exception caused by huge_pte_offset

[This is an automated email]

This commit has been processed because it contains a -stable tag.
The stable tag indicates that it's relevant for the following trees: all

The bot has tested the following trees: v5.5.13, v5.4.28, v4.19.113, v4.14.174, v4.9.217, v4.4.217.

v5.5.13: Build OK!
v5.4.28: Build OK!
v4.19.113: Build OK!
v4.14.174: Build OK!
v4.9.217: Failed to apply! Possible dependencies:
166f61b9435a ("mm: codgin-style fixes")
505a60e22560 ("asm-generic: introduce 5level-fixup.h")
82b0f8c39a38 ("mm: join struct fault_env and vm_fault")
953c66c2b22a ("mm: THP page cache support for ppc64")
c2febafc6773 ("mm: convert generic code to 5-level paging")
fd60775aea80 ("mm, thp: avoid unlikely branches for split_huge_pmd")

v4.4.217: Failed to apply! Possible dependencies:
01c8f1c44b83 ("mm, dax, gpu: convert vm_insert_mixed to pfn_t")
0e749e54244e ("dax: increase granularity of dax_clear_blocks() operations")
166f61b9435a ("mm: codgin-style fixes")
34c0fd540e79 ("mm, dax, pmem: introduce pfn_t")
505a60e22560 ("asm-generic: introduce 5level-fixup.h")
52db400fcd50 ("pmem, dax: clean up clear_pmem()")
5c6a84a3f455 ("mm/kasan: Switch to using __pa_symbol and lm_alias")
82b0f8c39a38 ("mm: join struct fault_env and vm_fault")
9973c98ecfda ("dax: add support for fsync/sync")
aac453635549 ("mm, oom: introduce oom reaper")
ac401cc78242 ("dax: New fault locking")
b2e0d1625e19 ("dax: fix lifetime of in-kernel dax mappings with dax_map_atomic()")
bae473a423f6 ("mm: introduce fault_env")
bc2466e42573 ("dax: Use radix tree entry lock to protect cow faults")
c2febafc6773 ("mm: convert generic code to 5-level paging")
e4b274915863 ("DAX: move RADIX_DAX_ definitions to dax.c")
f9fe48bece3a ("dax: support dirty DAX entries in radix tree")

NOTE: The patch will not be queued to stable trees until it is upstream.

How should we proceed with this patch?


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