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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/3] KVM: x86: introduce kvm_mmu_invalidate_gva
On 31/03/20 12:33, Vitaly Kuznetsov wrote:
>> Works for me. My vote is for anything other than guest_mmu :-)
> Oh come on guys, nobody protested when I called it this way :-)

Sure I take full responsibility for that. :)

> Peronally, I don't quite like 'shadow_tdp_mmu' because it doesn't have
> any particular reference to the fact that it is a nested/L2 related
> thing (maybe it's just a shadow MMU?)

Well, nested virt is the only case in which you shadow TDP. Both
interpretations work:

* "shadow tdp_mmu": an MMU for two-dimensional page tables that employs

* "shadow_tdp MMU": the MMU for two-dimensional page tables.

> Also, we already have a thing
> called 'nested_mmu'... Maybe let's be bold and rename all three things,
> like
> root_mmu -> l1_mmu
> guest_mmu -> l1_nested_mmu
> nested_mmu -> l2_mmu (l2_walk_mmu)

I am not particularly fond of using l1/l2 outside code that specifically
deals with nested virt. Also, l1_nested_mmu is too confusing with
respect to the current nested_mmu (likewise for root_mmu I would rename
it to guest_mmu but it would be an awful source of mental confusion as
well as semantic source code conflicts).

That said, I wouldn't mind replacing nested_mmu to something else, for
example nested_walk_mmu.


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