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SubjectRe: [GIT PULL] SELinux patches for v5.7
On Mon, Mar 30, 2020 at 5:38 PM Paul Moore <> wrote:
> The merge conflict is in security/selinux/hooks.c and is against a
> binder fs name fix we sent during the v5.6-rcX cycle; the fixup is
> trivial but if you need me to fix it, let me know.

No problem, it was as trivial as you said, and I don't think I screwed it up.

I appreciate the heads-up, though, since not only does it mean I don't
get nasty surprises, it also means that I get that warm and fuzzy
feeling of knowing you're on the ball..

> The maintainer
> screw-up deals with the second patch from the top of the pull request,
> the NFS fix. The screw-up isn't the fact that this is a NFS patch, we
> talked to the NFS guys and they are okay with it. The issue is that
> the commit date is today - during the merge window - which doesn't
> reflect the testing the patch received. The reality is that I merged
> this patch back on March 12th, and it has been part of our testing
> ever since, but when putting this pull request together I noticed that
> I had dropped the subject line from the patch when I was merging it.
> Not wanting a malformed commit, I popped the top two patches from the
> stack and restored the missing subject line; this had the unfortunate
> side effect of making it look like the two top patches were just
> merged today - my apologies.

Again, this is very much the way to let me know, so that I don't get
that uneasy feeling about anything.



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