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SubjectRe: GFS2 changes for the 5.7 merge window
On Tue, Mar 31, 2020 at 9:41 AM Bob Peterson <> wrote:
> Could you please pull the following changes for gfs2?

So I've pulled it, but I note that you didn't get the automated
notification of that like almost everybody else does.

The reason seems to be pretty simple: the pr-tracker-bot looks for
emails to lkml (and other mailing lists) with variations of the
subject line "[GIT PULL]" in it.

And while lkml was cc'd for your pull request, you don't use that
subject line prefix, and so pr-tracker-bot ignores your email.

I don't personally care - you do have the markers that _I_ look for,
with both "git" and "pull" in the message body, so your pull request
doesn't get lost in the chaos that is my inbox during the merge
window. So this is purely about that notification bot.

IOW, if you care, then you should change your scripting (or manual
habits, I don't know) to have that "[GIT PULL]" in the subject line,
and then you will get that nice timely notification when I've pulled
(and pushed out).

And if you don't want that notification, you can just continue doing
what you're doing.


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