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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 00/10] virtio-mem: paravirtualized memory
Hi David,

Trying to test the series with the Qemu branch(virtio-mem) mentioned.
not able to hotplug memory. Is anything changed from your previous posting
or I am doing something wrong?

After giving value to "requested-size", I see size as zero.

(qemu) qom-set vm0 requested-size 10G
(qemu) info memory-devices
Memory device [virtio-mem]: "vm0"
memaddr: 0x240000000
node: 0
requested-size: 10737418240
size: 0
max-size: 107374182400
block-size: 2097152
memdev: /objects/mem0

Guest kernel: 5.6.0-rc4
Using same Qemu commandline arguments mentioned in cover-letter.


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