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SubjectRe: [v2 04/10] mmap locking API: use coccinelle to convert mmap_sem rwsem call sites
>>> The change is generated using coccinelle with the following rules:
>> Would you like to apply only a single SmPL rule here?
> I think this version of the patch is already a single rule,
> similar to what you suggested ?

Yes. - But you repeated the wording “rules” in the change description.
Are there any other software extensions still in the waiting queue?

> I'm not sure it matters that much, as long as it produces the correct
> end result. The run takes about 25 seconds before any optimizations,
> which I find very acceptable.

I am used to look also at the run time characteristics of
SmPL script execution.
The discussed SmPL code can be good enough for your current needs.


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