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SubjectRe: [PATCH V4 00/13] perf/x86: Add perf text poke events
On 16/03/20 9:07 am, Adrian Hunter wrote:
> On 4/03/20 11:06 am, Adrian Hunter wrote:
>> Hi
>> Here are patches to add a text poke event to record changes to kernel text
>> (i.e. self-modifying code) in order to support tracers like Intel PT
>> decoding through jump labels, kprobes and ftrace trampolines.
>> The first 8 patches make the kernel changes and the subsequent patches are
>> tools changes.
>> The next 4 patches add support for updating perf tools' data cache
>> with the changed bytes.
>> The last patch is an Intel PT specific tools change.
>> Patches also here:
>> git:// text_poke
> Any comments?

Peter, do you have any comments on the first 2 patches? They are pretty
much what we have already discussed.

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