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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/2] soundwire: stream: Add read_only_wordlength flag to port properties
On 11-03-20, 11:35, Srinivas Kandagatla wrote:
> According to SoundWire Specification Version 1.2.
> "A Data Port number X (in the range 0-14) which supports only one
> value of WordLength may implement the WordLength field in the
> DPX_BlockCtrl1 Register as Read-Only, returning the fixed value of
> WordLength in response to reads."
> As WSA881x interfaces in PDM mode making the only field "WordLength"
> in DPX_BlockCtrl1" fixed and read-only. Behaviour of writing to this
> register on WSA881x soundwire slave with Qualcomm Soundwire Controller
> is throwing up an error. Not sure how other controllers deal with
> writing to readonly registers, but this patch provides a way to avoid
> writes to DPN_BlockCtrl1 register by providing a read_only_wordlength
> flag in struct sdw_dpn_prop

Applied, thanks

I will send a tag, so that mark can apply the second patch for asoc


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