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SubjectRe: [PATCH v3 2/2] touchscreen: goodix: define GPIO mapping for GPD P2 Max
On Mon, 2019-09-02 at 20:43 +0800, Peter Cai wrote:
> The firmware of GPD P2 Max could not handle panel resets although
> code
> is present in DSDT. The kernel needs to take on this job instead, but
> the DSDT does not provide _DSD, rendering kernel helpless when trying
> to
> find the respective GPIO pins.
> Fortunately, this time GPD has proper DMI vendor / product strings
> that
> we could match against. We simply apply an acpi_gpio_mapping table
> when
> GPD P2 Max is matched.
> Additionally, the DSDT definition of the irq pin specifies a wrong
> polarity. The new quirk introduced in the previous patch
> (ACPI_GPIO_QUIRK_OVERRIDE_POLARITY) is applied to correct this.

Hans has posted a patchset which reworks GPIO access for ACPI devices.

Could you please check whether you could rebase your patch on top of

I also think the comment in "Input: goodix - Add support for getting
IRQ + reset GPIOs on Cherry Trail devices" might also be of use:

+ case irq_pin_access_acpi_gpio:
+ /*
+ * The IRQ pin triggers on a falling edge, so its gets
+ * as active-low, use output_raw to avoid the value
+ */


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