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SubjectRe: [PATCH v28 21/22] x86/vdso: Implement a vDSO for Intel SGX enclave call
Hi Nathaniel,

I reread your email today and thought I might have misunderstood your
email earlier. What changes are you asking for exactly? Is that just
passing @leaf in %ecx rather than in %eax? If so, I wouldn't have any
problem. I agree with you that the resulted API would then be callable
from C, even though it wouldn't be able to return back to C due to
tampered %rbx. But I think the vDSO API can preserve %rbx too, given it
is used by both EENTER and EEXIT (so is unavailable for parameter
passing anyway). Alternatively, the C caller can setjmp() to be
longjmp()'d back from within the exit handler.


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