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SubjectRe: [patch] mm, oom: prevent soft lockup on memcg oom for UP systems
On 2020/03/16 18:31, Michal Hocko wrote:
>> What happens if the allocator has SCHED_FIFO?
> The same thing as a SCHED_FIFO running in a tight loop in the userspace.
> As long as a high priority context depends on a resource held by a low
> priority task then we have a priority inversion problem and the page
> allocator is no real exception here. But I do not see the allocator
> is much different from any other code in the kernel. We do not add
> random sleeps here and there to push a high priority FIFO or RT tasks
> out of the execution context. We do cond_resched to help !PREEMPT
> kernels but priority related issues are really out of scope of that
> facility.

Spinning with realtime priority in userspace is a userspace's bug.
Spinning with realtime priority in kernelspace until watchdog fires is
a kernel's bug. We are not responsible for userspace's bug, and I'm
asking whether the memory allocator kernel code can give enough CPU
time to other threads even if current thread has realtime priority.

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