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SubjectRe: [PATCH v3] ARM: replace setup_irq() by request_irq()
Hi Olof, Arnd,

This is regarding cleanup of setup_irq() usages & replacing it w/
request_irq(). Earlier it was sent as single series spanning all
architectures & drivers, later Thomas Gleixner suggested [1] to take it
thr' relevant maintainers. As for ARM, there is an additional layer of
sub-architecture maintainers, for ARM, patches were sent to relevant
subsystem maintainers & mailing list, all copied to LAKML as well.

There were 10 sub-arch's in ARM that were subjected to the cleanup,

1. OMAP :
2. ebsa110 :
3. rpc :
4. footbridge :
5. orion :
6. ep93xx :
7. spear :
8. cns3xxx :
9. mmp :
10. iop32x :

Of this,

(1) OMAP, (2) ebsa110 & (3) rpc are already in linux-next.

(4) footbridge (Russell) - there was a build warning, so he dropped
after applying to his tree, i have submitted the newer fixed version in
his patch system.

(5) orion - Andrew has given Reviewed-by & Gregory mentioned that he will
take care of it.

So if things goes as expected 1 & 5 will be coming to you thr' sub-arch
maintainers, while 2-4 directly via Russell

Now we are left with five (6-10),
(6) ep93xx - Alexander has given Acked-by & mentioned to take thr' Arnd
(7) spear - Viresh has given Acked-by & mentioned to take it thr' Arnd
(8) cns3xxx - Krzysztof has given Acked-by (though not copied to lists,
he has been cc'ed here)
(9) mmp - Lubomir has given Acked-by & Tested-by & mentioned to get it
thr' Olof
(10) iop32xx - per get_mantainer, an orphan

Can you please include the patches 6-10 directly into the armsoc tree ?,
Let me know if anything needs to be done from my side.



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