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SubjectReason to not use __GFP_ZERO in __alloc_zeroed_user_highpage() on ARM64?

I've noticed that certain arches (alpha, ia64, m68k, s390, x86) have
__alloc_zeroed_user_highpage() defined as:

alloc_page_vma(GFP_HIGHUSER | __GFP_ZERO | movableflags, vma, vmaddr)

, whereas in other cases it is defined as
alloc_page_vma()+clear_user_page() (see

Is there a reason for this?

I'm asking because on ARM64 with init_on_alloc=1
__alloc_zeroed_user_highpage() appears to initialize the page twice.
Adding __GFP_ZERO and removing clear_user_page() seems to work (and
remove the double initialization), but I suppose this code was written
on purpose? Am I missing something?


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