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SubjectRe: disk revalidation updates and OOM
On Wed, Mar 11, 2020 at 12:03:43PM +0800, He Zhe wrote:
> >> 979c690d block: move clearing bd_invalidated into check_disk_size_change
> >> f0b870d block: remove (__)blkdev_reread_part as an exported API
> >> 142fe8f block: fix bdev_disk_changed for non-partitioned devices
> >> a1548b6 block: move rescan_partitions to fs/block_dev.c
> > Just to make sure we are on the same page: if you revert all four it
> > works, if you rever all but
> >
> > a1548b6 block: move rescan_partitions to fs/block_dev.c
> >
> > it doesn't?
> After reverting 142fe8f, rescan_partitions would be called in block/ioctl.c
> and cause a build failure. So I need to also revert a1548b6 to provide
> rescan_partitions.
> OR if I manually add the following diff instead of reverting a1548b6, then yes,
> it works too.

Ok, so 142fe8f is good except for the build failure.

Do 142fe8f and 979c690d work with the build fix applied? (f0b870d
shouldn't be interesting for this case).

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