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SubjectRe: [PATCH -next v2] mm: mark an intentional data race in page_zonenum

> On Feb 9, 2020, at 9:20 PM, Andrew Morton <> wrote:
> Using data_race() here seems misleading - there is no race, but we're
> using data_race() to suppress a false positive warning from KCSAN, yes?

It is a data race in the sense of compilers, i.e., KCSAN is a compiler instrumentation, so here the load and store are both in word-size, but code here is only interested in 3 bits which are never changed. Thus, it is a harmless data race.

Marco also mentioned,

“Various options were considered, and based on feedback from Linus,
decided 'data_race(..)' is the best option:”

Paul also said,

”People will get used to the name more quickly than they will get used
to typing the extra seven characters. Here is the current comment header:

* data_race(): macro to document that accesses in an expression may conflict with
* other concurrent accesses resulting in data races, but the resulting
* behaviour is deemed safe regardless.
* This macro *does not* affect normal code generation, but is a hint to tooling
* that data races here should be ignored.

I will be converting this to docbook form.

In addition, in the KCSAN documentation:

* KCSAN understands the ``data_race(expr)`` annotation, which tells KCSAN that
any data races due to accesses in ``expr`` should be ignored and resulting
behaviour when encountering a data race is deemed safe.”
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