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SubjectRe: linux-next: build failure in Linus' tree
On Sun, Feb 9, 2020 at 1:08 PM Stephen Rothwell <> wrote:
> Just building Linus' tree, today's linux-next build (arm
> multi_v7_defconfig) failed like this:
> arm-linux-gnueabi-ld: drivers/irqchip/irq-gic-v3-its.o: in function `its_vpe_irq_domain_alloc':
> irq-gic-v3-its.c:(.text+0x3d50): undefined reference to `__aeabi_uldivmod'
> Caused by commit
> 4e6437f12d6e ("irqchip/gic-v4.1: Ensure L2 vPE table is allocated at RD level")

Ahh. 64-bit divides without using do_div() and friends.

Is GICv4 even relevant for 32-bit ARM?


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