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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/1] io_uring: fix async close()
On 2/8/20 4:04 AM, Pavel Begunkov wrote:
> First, io_close() misses filp_close() and io_cqring_add_event(), when
> f_op->flush is defined. That's because in this case it will
> io_queue_async_work() itself not grabbing files, so the corresponding
> chunk in io_close_finish() won't be executed.
> Second, when submitted through io_wq_submit_work(), it will do
> filp_close() and *_add_event() twice: first inline in io_close(),
> and the second one in call to io_close_finish() from io_close().
> The second one will also fire, because it was submitted async through
> generic path, and so have grabbed files.
> And the last nice thing is to remove this weird pilgrimage with checking
> work/old_work and casting it to nxt. Just use a helper instead.

Thanks, applied. Nice cleanup, too!

Jens Axboe

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