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SubjectRe: [PATCH] vhost: introduce vDPA based backend

On 2020/2/5 上午10:02, Tiwei Bie wrote:
>> Before trying to do this it looks to me we need the following during the
>> probe
>> 1) if set_map() is not supported by the vDPA device probe the IOMMU that is
>> supported by the vDPA device
>> 2) allocate IOMMU domain
>> And then:
>> 3) pin pages through GUP and do proper accounting
>> 4) store GPA->HPA mapping in the umem
>> 5) generate diffs of memory table and using IOMMU API to setup the dma
>> mapping in this method
>> For 1), I'm not sure parent is sufficient for to doing this or need to
>> introduce new API like iommu_device in mdev.
> Agree. We may also need to introduce something like
> the iommu_device.

Right, this is what I plan to do in next version.


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