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SubjectRe: [PATCH v4 02/15] dt-bindings: clock: Fix qcom,dispcc bindings for sdm845/sc7180
Quoting Douglas Anderson (2020-02-03 10:31:35)
> The qcom,dispcc bindings had a few problems with them:
> 1. They didn't specify all the clocks that dispcc is a client of.
> Specifically on sc7180 there are two clocks from the DSI PHY and
> two from the DP PHY. On sdm845 there are actually two DSI PHYs
> (each of which has two clocks) and an extra clock from the gcc.
> These all need to be specified.
> 2. The sdm845.dtsi has existed for quite some time without specifying
> the clocks. The Linux driver was relying on global names to match
> things up. While we should transition things, it should be noted
> in the bindings.
> 3. The names used the bindings for "xo" and "gpll0" didn't match the
> names that QC used for these clocks internally and this was causing
> confusion / difficulty with their code generation tools. Switched
> to the internal names to simplify everyone's lives. It's not quite
> as clean in a purist sense but it should avoid headaches. This
> officially changes the binding, but that seems OK in this case.
> Also note that I updated the example.
> Fixes: 5d28e44ba630 ("dt-bindings: clock: Add YAML schemas for the QCOM DISPCC clock bindings")
> Signed-off-by: Douglas Anderson <>
> ---

Applied to clk-next

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