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SubjectRe: [RFC net-next 6/8] net: phylink: Configure MAC/PCS when link is up without PHY
> There, there is one MAC, but there are multiple different PCS - one
> for SGMII and 1000base-X, another for 10G, another for 25G, etc.
> These PCS are accessed via a MDIO adapter embedded in each of the
> MAC hardware blocks.

Hi Russell

Marvell mv88e6390X switches are like this is a well. There is a PCS
for SGMII and 1000Base-X, and a second one for 10G. And it dynamically
swaps between them depending on the port mode, the so called cmode.

So a generic solution is required, and please take your time to build

> It's not production-ready yet, but I will continue working on it
> over the coming week.

I'm happy to test when you are ready.

Thanks for working on this,


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