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SubjectDear Beloved,
Dear Beloved,

I'm Reverend Derrick Bowl, I was born in USA, 1945, I was ordained
into the Catholic Priesthood.

Please take your time to read this message, although we have never met
before, this is no spam, It's a real message sent to you. I know also
that you will be amazed at the level of trust that I am willing to
bestow on a person that I have never seen nor spoken with. If I can
receive favor from someone I barely know, its not bad entrusting this
project to unknown person as long as my spirit directed me to you.

I have been a catholic priest for over 22 years. I spent about 10
years serving at Africa, Burkina Faso to be precise, I spend most time
in Ouagadougou Cathedral.
Presently, I had a heart surgery on the 23-11-2018 and the Doctors
have informed me that I cannot live longer; I had a serious bleeding
after the operation.
Before I left Ouagadougou to my country for the surgery, a priest
friend of mine visited me from Netherlands with three companion, when
they went back, one among his companion Transferred 11M$ in my
personal account with Bank of Africa and advised that I use the money
to help the poor, handicaps and less privileges because he saw the
level hardship then.

Because of my present health condition, I cannot live to proceed with
the projects, therefore, I have decided to appoint you to reclaim the
money which total sum of $11,970,000.00 (Eleven million Nine Hundred
and seventy Thousand US DOLLARS).

I want you to use this sum to make the world a better place for the
poor and less privileged, help the needy and also help your family

I took this decision because I was raised in an Orphanage so I don't
have relatives and presently, I'm still in the hospital, where I am
undergoing treatment. That's why I have decided to contact you so that
you can contact my account manager in Bank of Africa, reclaim the
money and make good use of it. You have to contact me through my
private e-mail at {}

Reverend Derrick Bowl.

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