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SubjectRe: [PATCH] KVM: Pre-allocate 1 cpumask variable per cpu for both pv tlb and pv ipis
Wanpeng Li <> writes:

>> Honestly, I'd simplify the check in kvm_alloc_cpumask() as
>> if (!kvm_para_available())
>> return;
>> and allocated masks for all other cases.
> This will waste the memory if pv tlb and pv ipis are not exposed which
> are the only users currently.

My assumption is that the number of cases where we a) expose KVM b)
don't expose IPIs and PV-TLB and c) care about 1 cpumask per cpu is
relatively low. Ok, let's at least have a function for

if (kvm_para_has_feature(KVM_FEATURE_PV_TLB_FLUSH) &&
!kvm_para_has_hint(KVM_HINTS_REALTIME) &&

as we now check it twice: in kvm_alloc_cpumask() and kvm_guest_init(),
something like pv_tlb_flush_supported(). We can also do
pv_ipi_supported() and probably others for consistency.

Also, probably not for this patch but it all makes me wonder why there's
no per-cpu 'scratch' cpumask for the whole kernel to use. We definitely
need it for hypervisor support but I also see
arch/x86/kernel/apic/x2apic_cluster.c has similar needs.


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