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SubjectRe: epoll_wait misses edge-triggered eventfd events: bug in Linux 5.3 and 5.4
On 2020-02-03 22:03, Max Neunhöffer wrote:
> Hi Roman,
> Thanks for your quick response. This sounds fantastic!
> The epollbug.c program was originally written by my colleague Lars
> Maier and then modified by me and subsequently by Chris Kohlhoff. Note
> that the bugzilla bug report contains altogether three variants which
> test epoll_wait/epoll_ctl in three different ways. It might be
> sensible to take all three variants for the test suite.

I checked 3 variants, they do same things: epoll_ctl() races against
epoll_wait(), and this is exactly the bug reproduction, regardless
actual read() from a file descriptor or EPOLLET flag set.

> I cannot imagine that any of the three authors would object to this, I
> definitely do not, the other two are on Cc in this email and can speak
> for themselves.

I adapted the logic from epollbug.c and included it into
test suite, you should have received the email: "[PATCH 3/3] kselftest:
introduce new epoll test case". Please, take a look or ask your
to take a look. If no objections - then fine, leave as is.



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