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SubjectRe: About irq_create_affinity_masks() for a platform device driver
Hi Thomas,

>> And if we were to go this way, then we don't need to add the pointer in
>> struct platform_device to hold affinity mask descriptors as we're using
>> them immediately. Or even have a single function to do it all in the irq
>> code (create the masks and update the affinity desc).
>> And since we're just updating the masks, I figure we shouldn't need to
>> add acpi_irq_get_count(), which I invented to get the irq count (without
>> creating the IRQ mapping).
> Yes, you can create and apply the masks after setting up the interrupts.

So my original concern was that the changes here would be quite
disruptive, but that does not look to be the case.

I need a couple of more things to go into the kernel before I can safely
switch to use managed interrupts in the LLDD, like "blk-mq: improvement
CPU hotplug" series, so I will need to wait on that for the moment.


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