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SubjectRe: [PATCH net 0/4] rxrpc: Fixes ver #2
On Mon, 03 Feb 2020 10:30:45 +0000, David Howells wrote:
> Here are a number of fixes for AF_RXRPC:
> (1) Fix a potential use after free in rxrpc_put_local() where it was
> accessing the object just put to get tracing information.
> (2) Fix insufficient notifications being generated by the function that
> queues data packets on a call. This occasionally causes recvmsg() to
> stall indefinitely.
> (3) Fix a number of packet-transmitting work functions to hold an active
> count on the local endpoint so that the UDP socket doesn't get
> destroyed whilst they're calling kernel_sendmsg() on it.
> (4) Fix a NULL pointer deref that stemmed from a call's connection pointer
> being cleared when the call was disconnected.
> Changes:
> v2: Removed a couple of BUG() statements that got added.
> The patches are tagged here:
> git://
> rxrpc-fixes-20200130

Thank you David!

I pulled rxrpc-fixes-20200202 since that tag seems to correspond to
the patches on the mailing list.

Should I queue these for stable? There are some fixes to fixes here,
so AFAIK we need:

5273a191dca65a675dc0bcf3909e59c6933e2831 4.9+
04d36d748fac349b068ef621611f454010054c58 4.19+
f71dbf2fb28489a79bde0dca1c8adfb9cdb20a6b 4.9+
fac20b9e738523fc884ee3ea5be360a321cd8bad 4.19+

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