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SubjectRe: [PATCH] ocfs2: fix the oops problem when write cloned file
Hi Joseph,

before calling ocfs2_refcount_cow() in the function ocfs2_prepare_inode_for_write(), we do not use inode buffer_head.
So, we can let buffer_head is NULL.
But, when we invoke ocfs2_refcount_cow() function, we have to pass inode buffer_head without NULL pointer.
That is why writing clone file will cause oops and kill the user-space process.


From: Joseph Qi <>
Sent: Monday, February 3, 2020 1:15 PM
To: Gang He;;;; Shuning Zhang
Subject: Re: [PATCH] ocfs2: fix the oops problem when write cloned file

On 20/2/3 10:17, Gang He wrote:
> Hello Joseph, Changwei, Sunny and all,
> Could you help to review this patch?
> This patch will fix the oops problem caused by write ocfs2 clone files.
> The root cause is inode buffer head is NULL when calling ocfs2_refcount_cow.
> Secondly, we should use EX meta lock when calling ocfs2_refcount_cow.
Before commit e74540b28556, we may also use NULL buffer head in case of
overwrite, so why there is no such issue before?


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