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    SubjectRFC: Use of devlink/health report for non-Ethernet devices
    Hi Jiri/Eran/David,

    I've been investigating the health report feature of devlink, and have a
    couple related questions as follows:

    1. Based on my investigation, it seems that devlink health report
    mechanism provides the hook for a device driver to report errors, dump
    debug information, trigger object dump, initiate self-recovery, and etc.
    The current users of health report are all Ethernet based drivers.
    However, it does not seem the health report framework prohibits the use
    from any non-Ethernet based device drivers. Is my understanding correct?

    2. Following my first question, in this case, do you think it makes any
    sense to use devlink health report as a generic error reporting and
    recovery mechanism, for other devices, e.g., NVMe and Virt I/O?

    3. In the Ethernet device driver based use case, if one has a "smart
    NIC" type of platform, i.e., running Linux on the embedded processor of
    the NIC, it seems to make a lot of sense to also use devlink health
    report to deal with other non-Ethernet specific errors, originated from
    the embedded Linux (or any other OSes). The front-end driver that
    registers various health reporters will still be an Ethernet based
    device driver, running on the host server system. Does this make sense
    to you?

    Thanks in advance for your feedback!



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