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SubjectRe: [1/2] Documentation: bootconfig: Update boot configuration documentation
>>> +Also, some subsystem may depend on the boot configuration, and it has own
>>> +root key.
>> Would you like to explain the influence of a key hierarchy any further?
> Please read the example (boot time tracer) carefully :)

I find the descriptions still too terse for corresponding relationships.

>> * Can such system limits become more configurable?
> No.

The possibility remains to adjust the source code also for special needs.

>>> +(Note: Each key consists of words separated by dot, and value also consists
>>> +of values separated by comma. Here, each word and each value is generally
>>> +called a "node".)
>> I would prefer the interpretation that nodes contain corresponding attributes.
> No. Node is a node. It is merely generic.

I hope that the applied ontology will be clarified a bit more.

>> How do you think about to add a link to a formal file format description?
> Oh, nice idea. Please contribute it :)

Did you provide it (according to a RST include directive in the subsequent
update step)?

Can it be helpful to reorder any changes for the discussed patch series?


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