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SubjectRe: [PATCH] ARM: dts: zynq: Add support for Z-turn Lite board
On 26. 02. 20 10:03, Joni Lepistö wrote:
> Add a dts for MYIR Z-turn Lite and respective target in Makefile
> based on the existing Z-turn dts which is compatible except for
> memory size.

Just a side note - I can't see any reason to duplicate the whole dts
file if it is just the same - you can simply #include "zynq-zturn.dts"
and then change/rewrite things.

Second thing is that myir,zynq-zturn is not even listed in any yaml
binding file that's why dtbs_check will fail.

I expect you use standard boot flow via u-boot which can detect and
update memory size automatically for you. It means for kernel you can
even place there <0 0> and u-boot will fill it.

Just a summary I don't think it is worth to add support to this board in
Linux. And in U-Boot you should enable memory autodetection and you will
get support for this lite board for free.


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