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SubjectRe: [PATCH v5 1/3] drm/shmem: add support for per object caching flags.

> > So I'd like to push patches 1+2 to -fixes and sort everything else later
> > in -next. OK?
> OK with me.


>> [ context: why shmem helpers use pgprot_writecombine + pgprot_decrypted?
>> we get conflicting mappings because of that, linear kernel
>> map vs. gem object vmap/mmap ]

> Do we have any idea what drivers are actually using
> write-combine and decrypted?

drivers/gpu/drm# find -name Kconfig* -print | xargs grep -l DRM_GEM_SHMEM_HELPER

virtio needs cached.
cirrus+udl should be ok with cached too.

Not clue about the others (lima, tiny, panfrost, v3d). Maybe they use
write-combine just because this is what they got by default from
drm_gem_mmap_obj(). Maybe they actually need that. Trying to Cc:
maintainters (and drop stable@).

On decrypted: I guess that is only relevant for virtual machines, i.e.
virtio-gpu and cirrus?

virtio-gpu needs it, otherwise the host can't show the virtual display.
cirrus bounces everything via blits to vram, so it should be ok without
decrypted. I guess that implies we should make decrypted configurable.


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