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Subject[ANN] Kselftest integration into Kernel CI
Integrating Kselftest into Kernel CI rings depends on Kselftest build
and install framework to support Kernel CI use-cases. I am kicking off
an effort to support Kselftest runs in Kernel CI rings. Running these
tests in Kernel CI rings will help quality of kernel releases, both
stable and mainline.

What is required for full support?

1. Cross-compilation & relocatable build support
2. Generates objects in objdir/kselftest without cluttering main objdir
3. Leave source directory clean
4. Installs correctly in objdir/kselftest/kselftest_install and adds
itself to script generated during install.

Note that install step is necessary for all files to be installed for
run time support.

I looked into the current status and identified problems. The work is
minimal to add full support. Out of 80+ tests, 7 fail to cross-build
and 1 fails to install correctly.

List is below:

Tests fails to build: bpf, capabilities, kvm, memfd, mqueue, timens, vm
Tests fail to install: android (partial failure)
Leaves source directory dirty: bpf, seccomp

I have patches ready for the following issues:

Kselftest objects (test dirs) clutter top level object directory.
seccomp_bpf generates objects in the source directory.

I created a topic branch to collect all the patches:

I am going to start working on build problems. If anybody is
interested in helping me with this effort, don't hesitate to
contact me. I first priority is fixing build and install and
then look into tests that leave the source directory dirty.

Detailed report can be found here:

-- Shuah

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