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SubjectRe: [PATCH] KVM: nVMX: Consult only the "basic" exit reason when routing nested exit
On Thu, Feb 27, 2020 at 12:08:55PM -0800, Krish Sadhukhan wrote:
> On 2/27/20 9:44 AM, Sean Christopherson wrote:
> >Consult only the basic exit reason, i.e. bits 15:0 of vmcs.EXIT_REASON,
> >when determining whether a nested VM-Exit should be reflected into L1 or
> >handled by KVM in L0.
> >
> >For better or worse, the switch statement in nested_vmx_exit_reflected()
> >currently defaults to "true", i.e. reflects any nested VM-Exit without
> >dedicated logic. Because the case statements only contain the basic
> >exit reason, any VM-Exit with modifier bits set will be reflected to L1,
> >even if KVM intended to handle it in L0.
> >
> >Practically speaking, this only affects EXIT_REASON_MCE_DURING_VMENTRY,
> >i.e. a #MC that occurs on nested VM-Enter would be incorrectly routed to
> >L1, as "failed VM-Entry" is the only modifier that KVM can currently
> >encounter. The SMM modifiers will never be generated as KVM doesn't
> >support/employ a SMI Transfer Monitor. Ditto for "exit from enclave",
> >as KVM doesn't yet support virtualizing SGX, i.e. it's impossible to
> >enter an enclave in a KVM guest (L1 or L2).
> It seems nested_vmx_exit_reflected() deals only with the basic exit reason.
> If it doesn't need anything beyond bits 15:0, may be vmx_handle_exit() can
> pass just the base exit reason ?

Argh. I was going to simply respond with "It traces exit_reason via
trace_kvm_nested_vmexit().", but then I looked at the tracing code :-(

The tracepoints that print the names of the VM-Exit are flawed in the sense
that they'll always print the raw value for VM-Exits with modifiers. E.g.
a consistency check VM-Exit on invalid guest state will print 0x80000021
instead of INVALID_STATE.

Stripping bits 31:16 when invoking the tracepoint would fix the immediate
issue, but I'm not sure I like that approach because doing so drops
information that could potentially be quite helpful, e.g. if nested VM-Exit
injection injected EXIT_REASON_MSR_LOAD_FAIL without also setting
VMX_EXIT_REASONS_FAILED_VMENTRY, which could break/confuse the L1 VMM.
I'm also not remotely confident that we won't screw this up again in the
future :-)

So part of me thinks the best way to resolve the printing would be to
The downside of that approach is it breaks again when new modifiers come
along, e.g. SGX's ENCLAVE_EXIT. But again, the modifier is likely useful

I think the most foolproof and informative way to handle this would be to
add a macro and/or helper function, e.g. kvm_print_vmx_exit_reason(), to
wrap __print_symbolic(__entry->exit_code, VMX_EXIT_REASONS) so that it
prints both the name of the basic exit reason as well as the names for
any modifiers.

TL;DR: I still like this patch as is, especially since it'll be easy to
backport. I'll send a separate patch for the tracepoint issue.

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